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Job Description

This is a CEO job description sample (template) that includes CEO duties and responsibilities, skills and proficiencies, education and experience, and salary information.

CEO stands for Chief Executive Officer. A CEO or Chief executive officer is the top-ranking executive in the company. He is ultimately responsible for important decisions that are taken concerning the future of the company.

He is in charge of growth, meeting the required profit margin, financial operations, motivating the rest of the company and setting realistic goals and realizing the same, in real time.

There is no standard format that can describe the duties and responsibilities of a CEO.

The primary duty of any CEO is to steer the company through the corporate waters, and ensure that the company performs well in both short and long-term.

He is also in charge of adopting and implementing various policies and policy changes that can help facilitate growth in the company and also help it perform better.

It does not matter if the company employs over 50 people or 5000 people; the fact remains is that a CEO is a coveted title and one that requires candidates with the right skill set and abilities are required to manage the company, from top to bottom.

Transitioning from an executive to what may seem like the most coveted title in the organization is never easy; for as a CEO, you are expected to be intricately familiar with all aspects of your organization, from the operating budget to setting-up organizational changes, to help boost performance in your company.

A CEO is a person currently responsible for anything and everything that takes place in the organization and is, therefore, ultimately responsible for its success or failure.

While a CEO can delegate certain aspects of his job, his position entails him to be informed at every stage of the process and there are certain tasks which he would be required to carry out on his own.

Take a look below for a detailed review of what being a CEO is about, and the various duties, responsibilities, skill sets, etc it perform.

A CEO is also known as

A lot of companies, especially public limited entities are often controlled by a board of directors and the CEO, who is also incidentally known as the ‘chairman’, chairs the board and arrives at certain decisions regarding the company.

This board is generally tasked with overseeing corporate affairs and undertaking key decisions in the interests of the company as a whole.

Job summary (Sample)

We are currently on the lookout for a strong individual who can handle all the responsibilities of a CEO and has the requisite experience to do so.

You would be first in line as far as the command structure the company is concerned and would be responsible for the company’s financial and business assets as well as its performance.

In order to perform to expectations, you would be required to be both prudent, and innovative, to the end to be able to come up with ‘out of the box’ solutions for overcoming the various challenges that you are bound to come across as a CEO.

The ideal candidate would be one who would have the ability to keep the big picture in mind when taking key important decisions regarding the company.

In order to succeed as a CEO, you would be required to have a strong work ethic, be responsible, attentive to customer needs and requirements, and one who takes the required action immediately and does not procrastinate.

You would be required to multi-task, micromanage various processes at the office, and take key decisions that can help improve the performance of your company and thereby make it more competitive.

Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a CEO can vary, depending on the organization and its size, but here are a few common responsibilities and duties that a CEO has to shoulder –

  • Administration support supports all key decisions taken by the company
  • Develop high-quality business strategies, and plan accordingly, to meet the current objectives and goals of the company.
  • Take important investment decisions so as to expand the company.
  • Service delivery: oversees design, production, marketing and delivery of key products
  • Strategy: Takes part in key strategy meetings to increase the performance of the company
  • Allocate finances: Undertakes extensive financial planning and allocates key resources to the departments in question
  • Risk management: Undertakes periodic appraisals of external and internal threats and takes effective measures to counter the same
  • Human resource management: Manages the human resource of the organization so that those with the apt skill set are well managed.
  • Ethics: Ensure that all company policy decisions are in line with legal guidelines, and in tandem to current corporate guidance and guidelines. You also need to make sure that all your in-house policies are in line with current laws and ethically sound.
  • Review: Review all reports, both financial and non-financial before evaluating the performance o the company.

Education and Experience Requirements

Here are some of the education and references that you may have to match when applying for the top post.

  • Undergraduate degree with a specialization in economics or finance
  • You can apply for the top post with a UG or Masters in any specialization but it is essential that you have the requisite qualifications to handle your job and have the requisite experience to lead a team.
  • The college where you studied does matter, as opposed to any college
  • You are able to communicate well with the rest of your team,

It is important that you have the requisite work experience, before applying for the post.

Skill and Proficiency Requirements

Every CEO is required to possess a certain skill set and talent so that he can effectively multi-task, handle all the administrative responsibilities, micromanage the process from top to down.

  • High tolerance for ambiguity
  • To understand new tech better and to use it effectively at the office
  • Be innovative: At times, a CEO would have to think creatively, he needs to be innovative to think out of the box

These are some of the duties and responsibilities of a CEO.


The CEO salary differs company to company and it majorly depends upon the size of the company it is managing. The average salary of a CEO in the united states is somewhere $1,800,000.

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