10 Best Apps for English Language Learners


Mobile Apps

Mobile apps have completely revolutionized the way people were approaching towards private tutors.

The fee, availability, and the quality of teaching of an in-person tutor always varies a lot and therefore, people have never got an opportunity to meet their personal learning needs.

Mobile apps are developed and designed much diligently and creatively than ever before.

The use of artificial intelligence has further exaggerated the demand for these apps as they offer personalized and quality learning experience to people where they are free to choose their learning hours and resources.

English learning has always been a major cause of concern for most learners as they actually don’t get some smart and professional teachers who pay individual attention towards their personalized learning requirements.

In this article, we have mentioned some best mobile apps for learning English language which will bring a significant difference in your communication skills and overall personality.

HeyCleo App

Let’s start with this most appealing and emerging AI-based English learning app that offers some effective and creative features to get a good grip over English language.

Once you download this free app, you will be able to select a virtual teacher who constantly interacts with you in English.

You can learn thousands of new words, improve your pronunciation through its excellent speech recognition, and learn usage of those new words.

The best feature of this wonderful app is that you can upload any topic in English that you want to study and the virtual will prepare lessons based on your perception skills and that too, in your selected native language.

The ease and convenience to learn English at your pace and in your native language allows learners to grasp critical concepts in the best possible way.

You can learn English idioms and phrases to add a different flavor to your communication.


One of the most practical English learning app that allows you to develop enhanced perception skills with its straightforward and effective features.

The private English teaching app has a huge collection of authentic English videos which are prepared diligently to offer the best creative way to get good grip over some most complex English topics.

The app allows you to share your worries and doubts in its interactive feedback session.

The quality of content and teaching techniques are blended well to provide a pragmatic platform for learning English.

The app makes the best use of its learning resources to provide enhanced information on any English topic.

The entire learning environment using this app will provide you maximum comfort in gaining good English skills.


One of the most rejoiced English learning app in the world.

It has gained worldwide recognition just because of its amazing features and functionalities.

The private English lesson application provides integrated lessons with interactive conversations and vocabulary sets to gain maximum fluency.

The entire syllabus is categorized into different sections and after completion of each section, the learner’s skills are tested on various grounds and a feedback is given accordingly to help learners know their mistakes.

It has that everything in it which is required to boost the confidence of users to use their learning abilities to become the best.

The app also offers its teachers some fun additional methods of testing students on their perceptional and developmental criteria.


If you are looking for a convenient option for how to learn English fast online, Busuu app is something which you were looking for till now.

Offering complete sophisticated online learning resources allows its users to make maximum use of their knowledge and keep track of their comprehension level.

It has a detailed and comprehensive set of practices and fun-based activities which give you maximum freedom to explore different complex English topics in the most simple and straightforward way.

The AI-powered teaching methodology analyzes the perception level of a learner and delivers tasks and assignments based on that.

The app also sends you weekly progress report where you can easily analyze your achievement in the past seven days.

Vocab Victor

As its name suggests, this app is best suitable for those who are looking forward to improve with their vocabulary section.

Modern-day communication is considered to be classy and professional when you use some top-rated words to create an impression over your listeners.

However, the app doesn’t focus merely on vocabulary but it offers a wide range of interesting features using which a learner can progressively head towards detailed conceptual knowledge of some other critical aspects of the English language.

You will find a natural approach that is steadily guided and structured well to offer complete convenience in language learning. Learn English vocabulary and transform the way you create impression over others.


A learning app that caters to different learning requirements with its intuitive learning regime where users are provided best learning resources to learn new concepts at great ease.

The English teaching online app combines practical vocabulary along with grammar lessons where learners get know some most critical concepts in the most creative and interesting ways through fun-based games and competitions.

A step-by-step approach towards all major concepts, the app fits to those who are still struggling hard to get started with basic level information of the English language.

The “Learn with locals” section offer great learning experience to interact with some native speakers and feel free to express your English skills.


Another innovative English learning app that allows a learner to interact with it in a structured and contextualized way.

The best part of the app is that it allows users to learn at their pace and develop comprehension skills with its creative and outstanding features.

You can learn English vocabulary, keep track of your progress, and get valuable feedback to gauge your performance.

Every single aspect of language learning is designed and developed efficiently in this app.

The app has a mastery in teaching various other languages also but its main domain is English learning.

The app has gained much publicity due to its interactive and engaging learning pattern.

The app heads towards complex topics once you get familiar with some crucial and basic topics of English language and then providing exercises and activities based on those topics.


If you want to gain immense strength in your written communications skills, this app can prove to be miraculous for you.

Grammarly allows you to upload your texts on the app and it deeply analyzes each word according to the set English standards including various topics like subject-verb-agreement, sentence structures, parenthesis, punctuations, formations and many more.

It gives you maximum comfort to get acquainted with some crucial writing tips which will bring the hidden writer within you.

The app is free to use but if you want to receive personalized writing solutions to polish your writing skills, you can also join its various premium packages where the app offers great help in upgrading your written English performance.

The effectively points out your every error in written form.

English learning with Grammarly is quite comprehensive where you can develop expert writing skills along with sound knowledge of grammar rules.

This app is best for those who want to pursue their career in writing.


One of the most effective language learning apps on the planet.

It includes a variety of interactive English lessons where you can develop a good understanding of some crucial concepts at beginner’s level.

The app supports voice video calls along with picture text and audio messages.

Get personalized English lessons and bring fluency in your verbal skills to mark a difference and create your own worth before others.

The team of experts is always busy in making this app more successful by adding new innovative features every time for better results and increased curiosity among learners.

The app also offers complete series of innovative learning resources to make English learning fun and worth enjoying.

You will love the exercises and activities which will gauge your perception ability and performance within a specific time period.


This another major English learning app that offers detailed lesson plans on various grammar concepts.

The app also includes audio pronunciations, quizzes, and flashcards for easier study.

The app works best for those who want to conquer their grammar skills along with developing a deep understanding of various other important concepts of English language like reading, writing, listening, and writing.

Each section in this app is divided into different parts of speech like adjectives, adverbs, prepositions and conjunctions.

You can also get familiar with a wide range of impressive new rids to add to your communication skill.

Online English teaching apps like GrammarUp are getting much attention these days because of its interactive interface that allows users to convey their ideas and doubts freely.

All the above-mentioned apps will offer great functionalities to you to help you get better with your English skills. All these apps are free to use and doesn’t charge any extra fee for any further learning processes.

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