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Job Description

If you’re hiring for a business analyst profile, a well-written business analyst job description can help you attract the right kind of talent for your organization.

Since a business analyst plays a key role between a firm’s IT capabilities and its business objectives, hiring the right candidate for this profile become a challenge for the HR manager.

In this article, we’ve written a business analyst job description sample that will surely help you draft the right kind of job description for your organization.

The Role of the Business Analyst

As a business analyst, you are the vital link between the organization’s information technology capabilities and its business objectives.

Business analysts use the data analytics to evaluate processes, determine requirements and create data-driven reports to senior executives and stakeholders.

Business analysts create and monitor data quality metrics and make sure that business reporting and data needs are met.

A business analyst is a bit like an architect who designs the new computer system or modify the existing system such that it aligns with business requirements and processes. He or she also takes responsibility for implementing changes to make an effective use of the new systems.

A business analyst proposes the solutions and alternatives that ensure productivity in an efficient and cost-effective manner by analyzing the requirements of an analyzing project. The project management skills of a business analyst help the business to achieve goals and remain competitive.

In today’s intricate business environment, a business analyst delivers everything right from optimal solutions for the simple business segment to a large and complex integration spanning multiple functions and business systems.

As a business analyst, you design custom solutions that translate customer needs into new services, products, and profits. You’ll play a vital importance in creating new systems and communicating them with the internal departments, partners, stakeholders, and external parties.

Sample Job Description of the Business Analyst’s Role

We are hiring an experienced Business Analyst who can support the business leaders and IT department in determining the requirements, take charge of the project and provide the highly effective product solutions.

Your project management skills and technical experience will play a key role in improving the efficiency levels to its finest level.

Your main tasks included detailed requirement analysis, documentation and user acceptance testing.

You should have good analytical skills and an ability to translate complex business concepts into a simple digestible information.

Business Analyst Responsibilities

  • Define and document user requirements for business systems and communicate them to the relevant colleagues and third parties.
  • Gather insights using data analytics and suggest changes to senior management. Participate and monitor the implementation process for the approved changes.
  • Design direct channels of communication to application and software developers that smoothen the workflow without managerial interjection.
  • Guide the consulting team through different phases of the program including problem interpretation, requirements, effort estimation, analysis, design, solution generation, and deployment.
  • Analyze data, documents, workflow, and user input surveys and figure out the course of action to resolve the business problems.
  • Define requirements for enhancing the service or any other aspect of the component systems to ensure quality and security to meet customer requirements.
  • Monitor the business trends using real data and create the analysis reports and follow-up the developers on the results.
  • Face to face meetings with stakeholders to discuss problems and clear up the queries.
  • Implement the management plans adhering to the organizational guidelines and hold regular meeting with stakeholders and other interested parties to update the project progress.
  • Assure that the solution deployed in business remain cyber-safe, compliant and update consistently to drive optimum results.
  • Improvize and develop the optimization strategies by reviewing the existing business processes.
  • Provide training leadership, guidance and coaching to newly hired staff.
  • Ensure timely completion of projects by regularly monitoring the deliverables.

Business Analyst Education & Experience Requirements

  • Masters degree in Software Engineering, Business Administration, Information Technology or related field.
  • Previous experience in Quality Assurance or Systems Analysis or Business Analysis.
  • Practical experience on Microsoft Office and Visio
  • Strong experience in advanced SQL database management and maintenance,
  • Solid experience in project management and user testing.
  • Decent knowledge on creating process documentation.
  • Experience in interacting with senior management and stakeholder management.

Skills and Proficiency Requirement of the Business Analyst’s Profile

  • A history of supporting and leading successful projects.
  • Experience in developing and leading top performing teams.
  • A solid understanding of software and systems engineering concepts.
  • A strong background in testing (manual and automation).
  • Strong foundation in basic statistics. Understanding parametric and non-parametric hypothesis, types of data, descriptive and inferential statistics and ability to apply the statistical tests as per the requirements.
  • Excellent planning and execution skills.
  • Expertise in Microsoft Office programs including Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook.
  • Fundamental conceptual and analytical skills.
  • Excellent communication skills in all kinds of settings – Email, face-to-face, web meetings or conference calls)
  • A track record of providing services to demanding customer base.
  • Strong professional negotiation skills to achieve a profitable outcome for the organization and an optimal solution for the customer.

Business Analyst Salary

The average salary of business analyst in the united state is approx $95000 per annum. The business analyst salary is continuesly increasing every year and it is considered as one of the highest paying career in the united states.

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