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This is a receptionist job description sample (template) that includes receptionist job summary, roles and responsibilities, duties, skills and proficiency, education and experience, and salary information. Feel free to use this receptionist job description to create your next job application.

Most companies often use a receptionist to be the welcoming face to their company, to greet visitors and to help them as needed. Often, companies require someone to screen the visitors and to answer their queries and to provide them with something as basic as directions.

In addition to screening visitors, a receptionist is often required to handle and field calls as often as required. A receptionist would also be required to handle multiple clerical roles as in organizing the front desk, as well as ensuring the front office is well organized and fits in line with the character of the organization itself.

Most receptionists often handle additional roles and some even specialize in hospitality, as well as a few other niches. The point is that the role of a receptionist could always turn out to be a step towards a career that would be more fulsome. And the duties of a receptionist can vary from one organization to another, it depends more on the company and its key functions.

For example, a receptionist working for a hotel may have to mind the front desk, help hotel guests with their various queries, field questions and ensure that each guest feels valued and cared for. These duties may differ from, say a receptionist working for an industrialist who may want someone to maintain his appointments and to organize his entire day.

The fact is that the role of a receptionist is a multi-faceted role and one that comes with its own challenges.

A receptionist is also known as –

Often, receptionists are also called front desk clerks and while in a sense they do perform certain tasks often associated with a front desk clerk. But that would be inherently simplifying the same for they are anything but that.

A receptionist is generally required to meet and greet people at the front door, or in this case, the front desk. And they are also required to be highly sociable, often aiming to put people at ease and have to be quite good with their communication skills. Since an inherent duty of a receptionist is to talk and answer various queries, and field various requests and queries.

  • Front desk executive
  • Administrative assistant
  • Front desk officer
  • Information clerk
  • Front desk attendant
  • Office assistant secretary

Receptionist Job Summary (Example)

We are on the lookout for a talented individual who would act as the front face of our company. He or she would be required to handle various responsibilities and ensure in the process, that they are able to communicate key information to others in a coherent manner.

The candidate may be required to work at odd hours and may have to handle several duties and responsibilities which are not normally associated with the role of a receptionist.

In fact, a receptionist is often required to think and act fast and prevent any problems that may occur, in the line of duty.  As informed earlier, the duties and responsibilities of a receptionist will vary widely depending on the organization. But one thing is for sure, a receptionist must indeed have what it takes to adapt to the changes and the various new responsibilities.

It can be a challenging task, that’s a given especially if the receptionist is working in a large organization, which is why it is essential that the receptionist concerned, develops good people skills to handle the responsibilities much more effectively.

Receptionist Duties and responsibilities

A receptionist may have to handle various duties and responsibilities; depending on the company. Some key basic responsibilities are as listed below:

  • To welcome visitors by greeting them, in person or on the telephone; answering or referring inquiries.
  • To direct visitors by maintaining employee and department directories; giving instructions.
  • To maintain security by following procedures; monitoring logbook; issuing visitor badges.
  • To maintain telecommunication system by following manufacturer’s instructions for house phone and console operation.
  • To maintain a safe and clean reception area by complying with procedures, rules, and regulations.
  • To maintain continuity among work teams by documenting and communicating actions, irregularities, and continuing needs.
  • To contribute to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed.

Receptionist Education and Experience Requirements

A receptionist is required to be a college graduate and has people skills. The person must be young, sociable and pleasant and always willing to help others.

Some of the qualifications that a receptionist will have to meet are-

  • High school graduate
  • Bachelors degree (any field)
  • Fluency in English
  • Work experience in a similar field, for a said period

Receptionist Skills and Proficiency Requirements

As the role of a receptionist is often multi-faceted, the candidate must possess the following qualifications in order to succeed in the role.

Any company would find the following skills in a receptionist invaluable –

  • Good communicator
  • Digitally savvy
  • Looks pleasant and dresses neatly
  • Strong work ethics
  • Great organizational abilities
  • Ability to multi task
  • Shows empathy as and when required
  • Ability to build rapport with customers
  • Retains exceptional phone skills
  • Supply management and much more.

It should be pointed out that the role of a receptionist has often served to launch many a career ranging from secretarial to that of a CEO.

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