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Job Description

This is a Marketing Executive job description sample (template) that includes roles and responsibilities, duties, skills and proficiency requirements, education and experience requirements, and salary information of a Marketing Executive.

Each company has a marketing executive in place, whose main job is to coordinate, oversee and develop key marketing campaigns to develop a company’s products and key services. Granted that the role of a marketing executive has changed over the last few decades. But today, given the technology that’s present, he would be required to multi-task, and handle several key responsibilities that range from creative, analytical, to digital all in order to accomplish the organization’s key goals.

Most companies have specialized marketing departments to enable you to accomplish your objectives within the given time frame. Essentially, you would be required to handle a wide varied swathe of responsibilities but that depends more on the organization or company that employs you.

But you would be tasked with the success of several marketing campaigns and would be asked to improve the efficacy of the same over both short term and long term. As a marketing executive, you would be required to work closely with some of the employees in your organization to develop key marketing strategies which can help you promote the desired products/services effectively.

The problem though is that the role of a marketing executive can be wide-ranging and does not fit into narrow parameters. You may be tasked to handle everything from planning to sponsorship and research.

A marketing executive is also known as –

As inane as it seems, a title can say it all – your core responsibilities in an organization and generally speaking, that’s true. While, as a marketing executive, you could also be called ‘marketing officers’, or ‘marketing coordinators’, and your responsibilities can vary quite widely.

A marketing executive is required to be proactive and one who does not lack foresight or the ability to form quick strategies that can be both creative and effective in promoting a certain brand. In fact, as a marketing executive, you would be required to be hands-on and handle personally, several aspects of the marketing campaign to ensure that it works as expected.

Additionally, it should be pointed out that a marketing executive may or may not be an entry level role but certainly one that requires graduation along with years of work experience in the field as well.

A marketing executive is also known as

  • Marketing officers
  • Marketing coordinators
  • Digital marketing executive

Job Summary

We are essentially looking for a marketing executive who can take over the responsibility in crafting, refining and implementing several marketing campaigns for our organization. Your primary goal would be to develop winnable marketing strategies that can edge out our competition. While at the same time, promoting our key products and services as well.

You would also organize key promotional campaigns and in-house campaigns as well, to ensure that our company’s performance continues to improve over a short and long term. You must be passionate and show a deep inclination towards ‘marketing’ as a field, as that would be your primary niche. You would also be tasked with engaging with the client, to work closely with our marketing team and target key customers effectively with your various marketing campaigns.

Duties and responsibilities

As a marketing executive, your duties are bound to vary from purely commercial as developing winning marketing strategies for the company to organizing promotional events for the same. It is important that you have what it takes to handle the job.

Here are some of the key responsibilities of a marketing executive –

  • To develop and implement wide-ranging marketing strategies
  • To review and analyze key marketing strategies and to improve, and tweak the same for efficacy
  • To track marketing investment and the current ROI that can be expected as a result of the marketing campaign
  • To monitor and observe closest rivals and to review their methodology as far as their marketing campaigns go
  • To work closely with the rest of the creative team and even approach external marketing agencies when required
  • To review the marketing budget as a whole

Education and Experience Requirements

While there is no bar to a non-graduate being employed as a marketing executive, most companies expect their marketing executives to be a graduate in one of the following fields –

  • Advertising
  • Business or management
  • Communications
  • IT or computer science
  • Marketing

Apart from this, the candidate would also be required to have a requisite work experience spanning anywhere from 2 to 5 years to handle the wide-ranging responsibilities of a marketing executive.

Skills and Proficiency requirements

As a marketing executive, you are required to have the following skill set in order to accomplish your organization’s key goals.

  • Communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to strategize effectively
  • Ability to quickly think and act on the same
  • To be proactive
  • To possess analytical skills so as to review various marketing campaigns
  • To be creative

In order to succeed as a marketing executive, you would need to be more pro-active in your approach and develop key winning strategies for the company, within a short time frame. While you can use external creative agencies to develop your marketing campaigns, we may still require you to develop the same in-house. And to that end, to work in tandem with the rest of the creative team.


The average salary of a marketing executive in the united states is $230,000. This is the total compensation of a marketing executive, that includes bonus, health, and retirement.

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