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This is a computer operator job description sample (template) that includes computer operator job summary, roles and responsibilities, duties, skills and proficiency, education and experience, and salary information. Feel free to use this computer operator job description to create your next job application.

A computer operator is one who monitors and controls electronic and digital communication in a company or organization. A computer operator would also be required to process all peripheral data, key information and to tabulate the same in a format that’s both comprehensible to others and one that is easily understood.

He often fulfills various key responsibilities in an organization, with most of these having to deal with electronic communication and processing the same for the benefit of the organization.

The role of a computer operator is not that well defined in an organization in the sense that he may be tasked with various responsibilities that can often range from resolving and repairing computers, addressing reports, handling electronic communication and to work in close tandem with various departments such as marketing and sales to develop their key campaigns.

He would also be required to provide direct operational services and assistance to others as and when required, within the company.

In short, a computer operator’s role is never something as being asked to operate a single computer but can range from handling various electronic media and forms of communication to highlighting key discrepancies in the same that need to be resolved immediately.

A computer operator’s job is also known as

  • Computer Operator (Entry Level)
  • Computer Operations Representative
  • Computer Systems Operator
  • Senior Computer Operator
  • Computer Operations Technician
  • Systems analyst
  • Programmer
  • Web developer
  • IT support

A computer operator can be called an intelligent analyst or even a digital assistant; it depends on his core duties and key responsibilities and how he handles the same. While on the outset it may seem that the tasks do vary, all computer operators are required to be digitally savvy and to assist others in order to leverage the same, for the benefit of the organization.

He may also be tasked with the duty of maintaining all electronic equipment such as PCs in prime condition and to report on any error messages that he may come across. The point is that the role is indeed multi-faceted that every few computer operators in different organizations have the same duties and responsibilities.

A computer operator may also be required to frame guidelines for using various electronic devices within the organization and may even help the management by evaluating the risk potential of the same. He may be asked to develop and reframe the guidelines as and when necessary.

Furthermore, he would also be asked to take part in risk management and various forms of exercise within the company such as team building, performance etc.

Computer operator Job Summary (Example)

We are a huge organization and are on the lookout for a key individual who can handle the duties and responsibilities of a computer operator within our organization. He would be asked to participate in periodic evaluations of the company wherein one of his responsibilities would be to evaluate the various risks associated with electronic media and to ensure that the organization is protected against the same.

The candidate must be an able and talented individual, one who can handle his multi-faceted role perfectly. He may even be tasked with the objective of creating and developing programs that can analyze data, and to compile the results in a format that can be easily understood by all. Furthermore, he must have the right skills and must be equally personable so that he is able to interact well with others.

Computer operator duties and responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a computer operator depend more on the organization but in general, he is required to handle the following –

  • Determines key sequences of the operating schedule
  • Giving commands to start operations
  • Resolve problems of users within the organization
  • Prepares the equipment for handling various operations and even loads the required paper into various printers and servers
  • Maintains all electronic equipment and reports on any errors or ones that need to be handled right away.
  • Maintains both soft copies and hard copies of all action taken in relation to an error
  • Resolves user-centric issues handle all problems and provide them with the required assistance
  • Maintains client confidence in all matters
  • Contributes to team effort

Computer operator educational and experience Requirement

A computer operator is required to be a graduate either in computer science or some other allied field; he is also required to have completed a few computer courses with certification.

While work experience is not a mandatory requirement, most companies would prefer an operator or a technician with the requisite work experience.

  • High school degree
  • Bachelor’s degree in a computer related field
  • Experience in working in a related IT field
  • Having completed several certification courses in IT

It is important that you meet the basic criteria as far as education and work experience requirements are concerned, prior to applying for the post.

Computer operator skills and Proficiency Requirements

A computer operator performs key essential duties, which enables his organization to function smoothly. But he is required to have the following skills to succeed in his field –

  • Talented in mathematical and analytical skills
  • Ability to think through logically
  • Talented in problem-solving
  • Highly adept in handling all issues related to digital and electronic communication
  • Understands the responsibilities of his post and undertakes the same dutifully
  • Is personable and has the requisite people skills
  • And believes in teamwork as well as the goals and objectives of an organization.
  • Ability to multi-task

As a computer operator, you are required to handle, regulate and assist the organization, with all forms of electronic communication and data. It is an important role one that requires a deeply analytical mind. The company may require you to assist in various tasks and duties related to the same.

Computer Operator Salary

In the United States, the average base salary of a computer operator is $45000. Computer operator salary range from $35000 to $50000.

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