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This is a Sales Manager job description sample (template) that includes Sales Manager job summary, roles and responsibilities, duties, skills and proficiency, education and experience, and salary information. Feel free to use this Sales Manager job description to create your next job application.

It is the duty of a sales manager, and his sales team to push across their products and merchandize. He needs to come with a winning strategy, one that can deliver outstanding marketing results. He needs to set targets that need to be accomplished for the whole team and may push for friendly competition between the different teams to accomplish the said target.

His primary responsibility is to streamline his company’s marketing strategies with the sole objective of increasing visibility as well as sales for the concerned company.

Most organizations often look for a sales manager who can develop a strong rapport with his sales team. It’s not a question of the bottom line alone, rather most companies prefer a strong personality who can guide the rest of the sales team to success.

To that end, a sales manager needs to provide his handpicked team with the requisite guidance, training, and be empathetic to their needs.  The sales manager must also set both weekly and long-term targets for the sales team to accomplish.

He must also ensure that the whole team is regularly trained and are often motivated enough to improve their performance. Take a closer look at the various duties, responsibilities, skills, and qualifications of a sales manager and all that it entails.

A Sales manager is also known as –

Both companies and organizations often place an undue amount of pressure on their sales manager to accomplish the set targets. But a sales manager’s primary goal does not consist of only making enough sales to meet the targeted goals.

But rather, he is also directly responsible for developing a good rapport with all potential clients and in the process, help boost up the sales as well. Moreover, he is required to work in close tandem with the marketing team to streamline their various marketing campaigns and to decide which ones are more effective.

The sales manager has a multitude of responsibilities and has to have a great personality, and one with enough confidence to motivate the rest of his sales team. He must have great communication skills and he also needs to hold daily briefs with his sales team so as to review their progress for the day.

He is directly responsible for the sales figures, from B2B to retail; at the end of the day, he alone would be ultimately responsible for both the success and failure of his whole team.

The title may vary depending on the organization but generally, a sales manager may also be known as –

  • Sales in Charge
  • Sales Executive Head
  • Territory Manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • Account Manager
  • Relationship Manager

Sales Manager Job summary

Our growing organization is on the lookout for a sales head to take charge of our sales division. As the sales manager, you would be responsible for your sales team, as well as the various goals that you are able to meet. You will also be in charge of developing key business plans and tweaking the same, depending on user information for more efficacies.

It is important that you co-ordinate with the marketing team to develop winning marketing strategies for the whole team and the company as a whole. It is also important that you realize that the job is not only about profits but also about client relationships.

Sales Manager Duties and responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a sales manager can vary from one company to the next.  Yet, some of the key duties and responsibilities of the sales manager remain more or less the same.

Here they are:

  • To develop detailed business plans for sales and to manage organizational sales, from reviewing its expenses to generating enough sales for the company
  • Creating several sales teams and setting both group targets and team targets for the sales division.
  • To achieve the desired sales goal targets on time
  • To expand the customer’s base
  • Managing an effective sales team and training, mentoring them and in the process, boost their performance
  • Responsible for creating an effective sales proposal for the benefit of clients
  • Responsible for increasing the organization’s visibility and reaching out to targeted demographics
  • To develop an effective business strategy for organizational sales and to help boost performance

Sales Manager Educational and Experience Requirement

Prospective sales managers are graduates in fields that are usually related to their current career choices. Take a closer look at some of the educational background and work experience criteria listed below.

You are required to meet these when applying for the post of a sales manager.

  • High school graduate
  • Bachelors degree (in a related major)
  • Masters or MBA in a related field (some companies do not insist on this particular criterion)
  • Work experience (4+ years) in a related field but this can vary from one organization to another.

Sales Manager Skills and Proficiency Requirements

A sales manager is expected to be multifaceted as he is often required to fulfill various roles in the course of his duty. He is required to develop a strong rapport with the rest of the sales team and is expected to motivate them to get the team to perform better.

Some of the key skills that a sales manager is supposed to have are listed below –

  • Witty and easy-going personality
  • Can handle enormous pressure and tension
  • Has the ability to think out of the box
  • Holds frequent discussions with the rest of his team
  • Exchanges ideas and communicates it with his team
  • Reviews his team progress and monitors work at all stages of the project
  • Is digitally savvy and effectively leverages various social media platforms for his company.

This is an overview of what a sales manager is all about. You need to first understand the responsibilities and various duties associated with this post as well as the fact that it is a high-pressure job. You can apply for this post after you have weighed in all the factors and decided what to do.

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