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This is a Property Manager job description sample (template) that includes Property Manager job summary, roles and responsibilities, duties, skills and proficiency, education and experience, and salary information. Feel free to use this Property Manager job description to create your next job application.

Most property management firms hire property managers, whose primary responsibility is to manage their current real estate holdings, to assess the same, to maintain and manage rents and leases, etc. The role of a property manager is a multifaceted one and he would be ultimately responsible for the properties that have been assigned to him.

A property manager may also be responsible for managing the various facilities at the concerned property. These can often range widely from building maintenance to space management.

This is a diverse field and one which comes with various tasks and duties that a property manager undertakes as part of his regular course of duties. He reviews the general instructions on how to manage the various holdings and the various duties, key responsibilities and plans accordingly.

But the property manager needs to plan his duties accordingly and even set up a formalized day to day operations to handle it all. He is ultimately responsible for the various holdings and needs to ensure that the properties are maintained in prime condition. He may have to regularly assess the various holdings for rent appraisals, repairs, damages, etc.

A property manager is also known as –

The role of a property manager is diverse and it comes with various responsibilities. His role includes advertising and marketing the properties, if vacant to managing day to day operations as regards the property itself.

It can often include rent collection, developing contracts for both lease and rent, ensures that the properties in question are regularly maintained. It is essential that a property manager can multitask as he is required to field several key responsibilities with regard to the various real estate holdings at the same time.

A property manager is also known as –

  • Property Manager
  • Senior Property Manager
  • Condominium Property Manager
  • Property Manager (Part-Time)
  • Residential Property Manager

Property Manager Job summary

We are a large-scale real estate company with several holdings and as such, we are looking for a property manager to handle our various real estate holdings. As an ideal candidate, you will be required to travel to the various properties, reconnoiter our various properties, assess the same for valuation, damages etc. You will be required to update us regularly on the same.

The ideal candidate will be one who can multitask effectively. He has to develop a good rapport with the various residents and get their feedback, suggestions and to report back to us on the same.

If you believe you have what it takes, then you may want to closely review the various duties and responsibiiteis associated with this role to get a better idea of what a property manager is all about.

Property Manager Duties and responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a property manager can vary depending on the organization.

But here are a few common responsibilities and duties associated with this role:

  • Reviews and assesses various property holdings
  • Reviews current rental rates and calculates current overheads of various properties as well as rental receipts from the same
  • Monitors current properties and evaluates risk damage to the same
  • Ensures prompt repairs as well as makes sure that all the facilities function seamlessly
  • Advertises and markets vacancies at various properties and develops rental agreements for the same
  • Enforces occupancy policies and updates the same, as required
  • Updates the management regularly with regard to the various real estate holdings
  • Develops key reports on the concerned properties for risk assessment as well as for analyzing key data and information.

Property Manager Educational and Experience Requirement

Most companies prefer to hire property managers who are adequately qualified to maintain several lad holdings.

To that end, here are some of the basic qualifications and work experience that a property manager has to possess at all times.

  • High school graduation
  • Undergraduate degree in any related field. Please note that a few companies do hire property managers based on their work experience rather than their educational qualifications
  • Requisite work experience in maintaining various properties (3+years)

It is important that you have the requisite work experience before you apply for the post of a property manager.

Property Manager Skill and Proficiency Requirements

A property manager is required to possess several key skills and talents in order to succeed in his job.

Some of the key skills and proficiencies that are considered to be invaluable in a property manager are listed below –

  • Has the ability to network and strike a rapport with others
  • Has fantastic negotiation skills
  • Project management including planning
  • Time management skills
  • Analytical skills which will be required when evaluating reports on various properties
  • Able to develop business documents with clear and precise information
  • IT skills
  • Sociable and has a strong personality
  • Can multitask

A property manager has to fill in several roles at the same time. He has to multitask to ensure that the properties assigned to him continue to function seamlessly. He also has to develop detailed reports on the various properties and submit the same to the management.

This role is an essential one for any real estate company, as a property manager, he has to effectively manage several properties that are assigned to him.

Property Manager Salary

In the United States, the average salary of a Property Manager is $90000. Property Manager salary range from $80000 to $105000.

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